Robochrist is the alter-ego of Chris Catalyst, playing a one-man psycho industrial pop cheese techno sample racket.

Established in Leeds, England, UK in (about) 2004 as a (comedy) showcase for Mr Catalyst’s songwriting and guitar playing skills, Robochrist toured extensively throughout the UK and Europe, supporting such established acts as Ginger, The God Damn Whores, Sack Trick, AntiProduct, Dead Pets, Electric Eel Shock, Danko Jones, Minus, Winnebago Deal,Broadzilla, Send More Paramedics, Suffrajets,Interlock…the list goes on.

Chris hid Robchrist under the stairs in late 2007, never to be seen again, and now spends his time performing with Eureka Machines, while trying desperately to avoid working in his day job of playing guitar or recording any new material with The Sisters of Mercy.

Very popular in Poland, allegedly.


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DTTR002 - Dance To The Radio: Leeds (DTTR002CD)