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Rose Elinor Dougall

Find Me Out

Released Monday 3rd May 2010

Available on CD

1. Find Me Out

2. Find Me Out (Edit)

3. I Know We'll Never (Acoustic Version)

Celebrating 5 years as a label this week, Dance to the Radio is pleased to announce the release of Find Me Out by Rose Elinor Dougall on May 3rd 2010. The single, which follows three previous, critically acclaimed and sold out singles (Another Version Of Pop Song, Start/Stop/Synchro & Fallen Over) is available on CD & Digital and comes
backed with an exclusive track, I Know We’ll Never (Acoustic).

Melancholy, dreamy and a perfect vehicle for Rose’s heart tugging voice, Find Me Out is her most elegant and sophisticated release to date. Fleshed out instrumentally with producer Lee Baker, and the mournful cornet of guest musician Phil Summers (of British Sea Power), Find Me Out is yet another reason to get excited about forthcoming debut album, Without Why. Rose has also been recording with Mark Ronson and will feature on his upcoming album.

“Like all the best British pop artists, this is smart, mournful and quite breathtaking music” NME 

 "Imagine Siouxsie if she was less intimidatingly imperious, a more grounded Liz Fraser singing with the Smiths or Duffy with all the sweat and grit wiped away by Stereolab. She could probably sing the news and rob you of your breath"The Guardian 'New Band Of The Day’

“The sort of songs that if Joe Meek was around, he’d probably think – what a great tune!” Mark Radcliffe Radio 2

“Elegant melodies and shimmering keyboard tones announce Dougall as a talent in her own right”

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