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Dance To The Radio: Leeds (DTTR002CD)

Released Thursday 3rd Nov 2005

Available on CD

1. This Et Al - Catscan
Recorded at Pro 2 Studios, produced by Paul Twohig

2. The Sunshine Underground - Commercial Breakdown
Recorded at House Of Mook, produced by Phil Maine, taken from the self-released "My Army EP"

3. O Fracas - What Jim Hears
Recorded at Ghost Town, produced by Simon & Ross

4. The Scaramanga Six - The Poison Fang
Recorded in a field near Salisbury, produced by Tim Smith - taken from the "Cabin Fever" LP on Wrath Records

5. The Terminals - Diagnosis

Recorded at The Billiard Rooms, produced by Carl Rosamund - taken from the LP "The Terminals"

6. Buen Chico - I Don't Care
Recorded at Jacob's Studio, produced by David Kosten

7. ¡Forward, Russia! - Eight
Recorded at The Attik, produced by Richard Green

8. The Lodger - Unsatisfied
Recorded at 2Fly Studios, produced by Alan Smyth

9. The Lucida Console - Reminiscent
Recorded at Pro 2 Studios, produced by Paul Twohig

10. Robochrist - ghosttrainnosebleed

11. Napoleon IIIrd - You Destroy Music
Recorded at home, produced by Napoleon

12. Baby Food - Desperats

Recorded at Rope Magic, produced by David Whitaker & Adrian Burch

13. The Old House - You Told Me Something
Rroduced by Jamie Lockhart

14. Being 747 - Communist Prince
Recorded at One Cat Mobile Studios, produced by Jon Clayton - taken from the single "The Girl Who Fell Asleep Whilst Watching Her Life Flash Before Her Eyes" available on Wrath Records

15. iLiKETRAiNS - Stainless Steel
Recorded at a chruch in Wortley, produced by Guy Bannister & Dave Marin

16. The Somatics - Mercury Rising
Recorded at The Attik, produced by The Somatics

17. I Love Poland - Cripple [demo]
Recorded at home, produced by Ben Cullimore

18. The Rebellion Threat Kills - No One Makes Fun

Produced by Buzz Reducer & Jon Jacobs, courtesy of Neither Work Nor Leisure Records

All recordings/copyright belongs to the artists unless otherwise stated

Many, many thanks go to all the bands, Tom Goodhand, Mido, Ashley Dean, Duels, Mick McCarthy, Ashley Kollakowski, Sandman, Dave Sugden, Ollie Hodge,Nick Scott, Phil Maine, Jamie Lockhart, Carl Rosamund and everyone else we've forgotten that was a part of this.