Far Caspian - 'Today'

Far Caspian has shared the brilliant new single 'Today', released via Dance To The Radio.

Speaking about the track, Joel (Far Caspian) said:  "I wrote, recorded and mixed the track the day before I was meant to submit a new single. I had another song that I was working on and in standard me fashion I ended up hating it once it was nearly finished. So I decided to just write something completely different and this came about in a haze of stress. There’s no frills to the track it’s just in and out. The lack of time is apparent in that but for me the track didn’t need a load of instruments or intricate arrangements to get the point across. It’s a simple song about how I was feeling coming off tour - missing my friends, not feeling connected to anything or anyone apart from the boys in the band and spending too much time on my phone. A lot of the time on tour you mostly experience either massive waves of euphoria from playing and shaking loads of hands or serious boredom and mundanity from sitting in a van for 12 hours scrolling through Instagram. And then you end up crashing pretty hard once you get home and I was definitely in that mindset when I wrote this."

Listen to 'Today' here: https://smarturl.it/farcaspian